Grange is:
 1.  A FAMILY Organization

2.  A COMMUNITY Organization



Offering membership to men, women and children of ALL ages, Grange is an organization that creates a full voice, concerning itself with values, stewardship and whole-someness.

Grange is instrumental in developing and recognizing individual abilities and leadership, with programs for all ages, including the ability to exercise a full voice and vote at the age of 14 (junior Grange for those under 14).


Involving itself in service, improvement and development with churches, schools and other organizations, Grange is an organization that adapts to serve the interests of the communities in which it exists.

Grange is concerned with the wise use of all resources; human, area and natural and concentrates on a program of continuing education for the public.


 Practicing brotherhood, understanding and meeting in an atmosphere of Christian ideals, Grange is an organization that provides programs that enhance the importance and beauty of the family, home, community and agriculture.

Grange encourages each member to be active in the faith of his choice and promotes patriotism, citizenship and showing pride in the American heritage.